Dont' waste your Electricity Power. Tocono offers your business the Energy Saver. It is the device to save cost of energy when the guests are not in their rooms, and increase your profit. 


Tocono Intelligent Energy Saver has been developed based on RFID technology “Contactless Smart Card” supporting Temic 125 kHz and Mifare 13.56 MHz. It makes our energy saver more
stability than old technology.


Product Features :


  • Support both RFID Smart Card Mifare 13.56MHz and TEMIC 125KHz
  • 1 Output Relay at max. load at 30A only.
  • The electric power will disconnected when the keycard is expire.
  • Time Delay 15 second after removing the keycard out.
  • Easy to install and save cost of installation.
  • LEDs indicator for easy location when entering the guestroom.

1 Relay Output Energy Saver