Energy Saver

Don't let your money fly out !!. One of the main cost in your hotel business is cost of energy. Increasing profit by reducing the cost is essential. The hotel owner must plan and manage how to use the energy efficiency.

Have you ever thought how much you waste the energy? The electric appliances such as air-conditioning system are running while guests are not in the room? Tocono energy saver is solution. It can cut-off the power when customers exit their rooms. Consequently, your hotel can save the cost of energy. 

Main Features

Compatible with Tocono Hotel Lock.  Support both Mifare and TEMIC chip card.

RFID Key Card

Prevent staff card to use air-conditioning and power socket system.

Fraud Protection

Red LED indicator. Easy to see the location of key holder.

LED Indicator

No need control center box or any other gateway.

Easy Installtion

100% Guarantee. No any other keycard can insert to the key holder, and turn on the electric power.

Accept only Hotel Keycard

Keycard Holder read the information of keycard. If the information is not valid, the electric power will not connect.


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