Digital Door Lock

Tocono Digital Lock is the new security lock for your Home, Condominium, Private Residence or Rental business. Tocono digital lock has been developed based on WiFi and Bluetooth Technology to strengthen the security and increase more convenient for your home.


So, you can unlock your home by Smart Phone available on iOS and Android. Our new digital lock series support many ways of unlocking. 

Main Features


Strengthen the security. The fingerprint is nearly unique, and durable over the life. It is suitable for the marker of human identity

Innovative Technology

WiFi and Bluetooth Technology intergrate to digital lock. 

Unlock with Smart Phone

Smart Phone is a KEY. Unlock your home anywhere anytime

Key and External Power

Override Key and External Power can be used in case of battery discharge

PIN Code

Touch Screen Key Pad makes more modern and stylish. You can set 4-10 digits password.

RFID Key Card

Digital Locks can support RFID Mifare Card 1K 13.56MHz. 

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