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Tocono is one of locking solution, residential locks, Safe Box and Energy Saver Management Solution providers in the world. With the full range of products, we can offer our clients the solutions and also reliable support to maximize the efficiency of your operation.

What we are offering now:

  • Electronic Hotel Locks : When the guests leave their house and stay with your properties, they require the security. Tocono Electronic Hotel Locks can be your solutions. You can choose the suitable model for your properties.

  • Software Solution : We are now moving forward to Cloud System for lock software. The hotel owner can access to report by smart device. In addition, we got feedback from some customers who need more management feature such as Billing System, Reservation System, Shift Management and etc. 

  • Digital Locks : House is not just place where you sleep, but this is the place for your family. Tocono residential locks provide the high security for them with various technology such as Key Card, PIN Code, Finger Print and Application.


  • Energy Saver Management : Don’t let your money fly out. Tocono Energy Saver device is your best solution. When the guest leave the room, the electricity power will be disconnect. SAVE MONEY. In addition, Tocono just launches the new Energy Saver device to prevent your hotel staff to use the electric appliances


  • Electronic Safe Box : Safe Box is an equipment to maximize your security. Guest can deposit their value things in the Safe Box while they are staying with your properties.


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